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Customer Service

1. procedure of purchase
(1) telephone consulting and site visit
On July 15, the private purchase of Zhubang 2000 Phase ˘ň started.Both new and old customers are welcomed to pay visits to Zhubang 2000.The sales staff will be ready to address any of your concern.
Address: Zhubang 2000 Sales Lease Center, No.100 Balizhuang Xili, Chaoyang District (Northeast corner of Ciyusi Bridge)
Business Hour: 8:30 AM-8:00 PM, Monday-Sunday
Fax: 65586815
(2) select unit number and pay deposit
(3) pay down payment within 7 days after paying the deposit, sign the contract of purchase of commodity property, prepare documents for mortgage application, sign mortgage agreement, submit mortgage application documents and pay relevant charges including stamp duty tax, attorney fee, insurance fee, etc.
(4) bank examination of mortgage application
(5) with the approval of mortgage by the bank, pay monthly payment as prescribed in the mortgage agreement
P.S. mortgage application documents include the following:
(1) income certificate with the stamp of relevant department of the employer
(2) copy of duplicate of the business license of the employer that issues the income
certificate with the stamp of the employer which is examined of the current year
(3) customer with college education or above should provide degree certificate
(4) certificate of marriage status (marriage certificate, divorce certificate or single status certificate)
(5) the original and copy of ID card and Permanent Residence Certificates of both the spouses
(6) customer with permanent residence outside of Beijing please provides certificate of temporary residence
(7) invoice of down payment
(8) original of the contract

2. after-sales service
(1) sales service
Thank you for your interest in Zhubang 2000!

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, please contact us anytime at your convenience!
If you have any questions regarding sales, please call the sales department: (010) 65586558/65586817/65586818
If you have any questions regarding contract registration, mortgage or relevant formalities,please call the customer service department: 65586558/65586817/65586818 to get through to the customer service department
If you have any questions regarding payment enquiry, please call the finance department: (010) 85862989
(2) customer service center
Customer service center is an after-sales center established for effective coordination and resolution of problems for the customers. If you have any questions or suggestions for our work, please call the hotline of customer service center. You will get the reply as soon as possible.
If you have any other question, suggestion or complaint, please call customer service center: (010) 65586815
(3) property management
If you have any question, suggestion or complaint regarding the property management of Zhubang 2000, please call Beijing Zhubang Property & Hotel Management Co., ltd.
Customer Service Department for Phase ˘ń: (010) 85862803, 85862804
Customer Service Department for Phase ˘ň: (010) 85862573, 85862574

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