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ChangˇŻan Avenue Project

The project is located on the southern side of ChangˇŻan Avenue, 750 meters away from TianˇŻanmen Square.Neighboring New Oriental Plaza and Wangfujin Street, the project covers an area of about 21,000 ©O, with a construction area both on the ground and underground totaling over 200,000 ©O.

This project will be developed into a new landmark complex along CahngˇŻan Avenue with property types including Grade-A office building and top property for retailing sales.Over 70% of the properties will be owned by the developer for a long time to come for leasing and management.Part of the office building property will be open to sales to customers with financial strength.

Currently most of the relocation work has been completed.Construction is scheduled to be started in 2006.


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