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Dushihaijing (literally means Urban Sea View)


Dushihaijing is a high-end community developed by Dalian Zhubang Real Estate Development Co., ltd.The project is located on the east side of Gangwan Street of Zhongshan District, Dalian city.It is neighboring Erqi Square to the south, opposite to the new party committee of Dalian city and connecting Gangwan Square to the north, which extends to Renmin Road, Shugang Road and Dalian Harbor.Dushihaijing faces green mountains to the south and overlooks the vast sea to the north.It is a landmark building in eastern Dalian.Along with the implementation of the key plan of east Dalian development, the area where Dushihaijing is located has become a prime location with great potential for development and investment.With its favorable location, advanced architectural design concept, fine decoration, a perfect sea view and superior construction material quality, Dushihaijing set an excellent example as luxury property in Dalian in 2000.In developing Dushihaijing, Zhubang Corporation had spent years in studying the market and made every effort to explore the highlights of this project.In particular, the absolute location advantage of Dushihaijing made its commercial-housing dual use a big selling point, which increased the added value of this project, thus attracting lots of customers.

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