Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture of Zhubang

Corporate culture: virtue-orientation; virtue is the pass to all; hold world with great virtue

Business philosophy: Confucian culture, Taoism concepts, heroism and modern enterprise system

Behavior philosophy: be a pure person and be a pure businessman

Corporate faith: challenge the utmost and make impossible possible

Investment philosophy: risk aversion is the most risky

Product philosophy: build high-quality products to share with the customers

Development strategy: Zhubang is aiming at concentrating all tangible strength to forge a system with scientific operation that follows the trend of the times.Zhubang will be built into a huge platform for the growth of wealth.It will satisfy the needs of the public on any occasion and in a most appropriate manner, and honor its commitment to the society and the public.

Brand value: Building upon credibility and corporate image, Zhubang will develop landmark properties at prime location.Zhubang draws upon the experience of traditional architectures, and meanwhile strives for a perfect integration of architectural art and the reality so as to develop architecture masterpieces including hotels, office buildings and apartments.

Business Philosophy: Zhubang Corporation holds straightforwardness and integrity in its business, cherishes business moral and a sound business ecological system, trusts and respects individuals, unites employees for one target, encourages flexibility and innovation so as to bring out the greatest potential of everyone.

Top Target: Zhubang Corporation will build itself into a business that has a strong sense of social responsibility and mission, returns wealth to the society and public, and contributes to national development, economic and cultural revival of the Chinese Nation.

Ambition: Zhubang Corporation will do the utmost to maximize its social responsibility.

Corporate Culture of Zhubang,Extension

Credibility sets the cornerstone for successful individual activities.Credibility builds a solid foundation for internal operation of a company.Credibility creates superior reputation for a business.It is the most powerful driving force to serve and satisfy customers.It is also a fundamental guarantee for long-term profit.

Learning and discussion is the key to wisdom growth of a company.They assume the role of ^fresh air ̄ in corporate culture.

Risks pose a challenge to both courage and wisdom.To outperform the others in deeds, to outperform the others in thinking is a prerequisite.

Extension,Human Orientation
A company without the spirit of caring for human is soulless without vitality.

A corporate brand with healthy development contributes to a good social image of the company and the broadening of brand connotation.The brand awareness and reputation will thus be enhanced.

Corporate culture only stays on paper without concrete execution of the core concept of the company.

Sufficient communication bestows employees with joy and performance improvement through communication.It helps to improve the cohesion and competitiveness of a company.

Compared with excellent companies, mediocre companies do not pay attention to the forge of corporate faith, the development of corporate culture and the in-depth analysis of value system.This is the greatest difference between the two types of companies.

Brand is a yardstick for choice of consumption, a guide for market segmentation, a reflection of the value of individuals, companies, cities and even countries, as well as an important platform.



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